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20 Color Concealer Palette - FREE SHIP DEALS
20 Color Concealer Palette - FREE SHIP DEALS

Concealer Palette with 20 Colors - Simply the Best in Beauty

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The twenty color concealer contains everything you need to do to your face for different occasions. The concealer palette contains twenty different colors with unique shades. The multiple colors in these palettes are highly concentrated pigments that are best in covering the dark spots and other blemishes on the skin.

The 20 color concealer palette easily gets unified with your skin tone complexion and gives you a natural look. Most of the concealer shades are natural, and these natural shades are especially effective to hide dark circles and scars. The Different shades of concealer palette have different uses green is most ideal for the skin with excessive redness. Blue is better when used as a brightener under eyes. Yellow tones can use lilac shades. The yellow tint is excellent for neutralizing dark circles and under-eye problems.

All the shades in the color concealer palette are one hundred percent tested and do not cause any damage to your skin.


  • The color concealer palette contains twenty different colors
  • It has twelve concealer shades, six corrector shades
  • Palette also has one highlighter shade and one contour shade
  • Unifies with your color complexion easily
  • Ideal for custom blending and best in covering skin blemishes


  • Main Shades: 12
  • Corrector Shades: 6
  • Total Available Shades:20
  • Appliers: Two in Number with Different Radius