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120 Rainbow Eyeshadow - FREE SHIP DEALS

120 Rainbow Eye Shadow -Get Any Look You Want With 120 Different Shades

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The 120 rainbow eyeshadow palette comes packed with 120 different vibrant rainbow colors. Colors are ranging from the lightest hue to the darkest. This palette contains the entire rainbow and a lot more within itself. It has the brightest shades possible and the darkest as well. This is all you need to try on different makeovers and different looks. You can achieve a bubbly look or even get that smokey, edgy look. Experiment and try different things and discover your favorite look. 

One way to apply would be starting with the lightest shade and spread it all over your eyelid as a base, then use a second medium shade and finally the darkest to define and line your eyes. The colors are easy to apply and last long enough. This eyeshadow palette is designed and tested by a professional team of make-up artists. So, you can trust the quality of the product and easily rely on it.


  • 120 different shades for you to try any and every look possible
  • Has vibrant rainbow shades besides having all the nude shades and many more
  • Has been designed and tested by professional makeup artists
  • Better to have such a vast assortment of colors instead of having to buy different palettes


  • Type: Eye Shadow
  • Net Weight: 8Oz
  • Dimensions: 8.9 x 5.9 x 0.67 inch